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Explore MN Theater

Welcome to the Explore MN Theater page.

Explore Minnesota, the Minnesota Theater Alliance, and Twin Cities Public Television have joined together to create a new partnership, Explore MN Theater, to create awareness of the vibrant Minnesota theater experience for new audiences, and to help increase ticket sales and attendance for theaters throughout the state.

Our webinar from Friday, October 13th will be available soon as a recording for you to watch, and learn more about how to use Explore Minnesota to promote your theater.

Here is a copy of the presentation from the webinar:

4 Ways to Get Involved!

1. Fill out this survey! You don't need to fill out the survey to participate, but it helps us know what you are interested in doing, and when to remind you of ways to get involved.

2. Send Production Photos or photos of your classes or audiences to us to promote your theater to

3. Contribute tickets for our Sweepstakes. Deadline for the next round: February 1st
Bonus Points if you can reach out to businesses in your community to create a tickets+dinner/hotel/other experience package! Fill out this survey so we know what you are sending, and mail your contributions to us at:

Minnesota Theater Alliance
308 Prince Street, Suite 270
St. Paul, MN 55101

4. Create profile for your theater on and get your shows on their Events Calendar! Here are some resources to get you started:

5. Start adding the Explore MN Theater to your website, program, and brochures. It is up to you which ways you would like to do this, but we appreciate any ways that you can share Explore MN Theater with your audiences/community, including the logo on your website, banner ads on your website, an ad in your program, a post on social media.

Logo files and instructions are here:

Downloadable banner ads, templated language for social media and your theater's e-news available here:

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