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About us

About us

Did you know that there are over 400 theaters in Minnesota? And that unlike theaters all over the country from Chicago to New York, Austin to Seattle, Philadelphia to Los Angeles, we've never had an Alliance to serve our needs? Finally, we are proud to announce an historic initiative to unite and serve Minnesota's theaters. The Minnesota Theater Alliance is a new organization, collectively founded by Minnesota's theaters, for our theaters. Every performance company and venue, of every kind: big and small; professional, community, academic, for-profit, non-profit, and unincorporated; urban, suburban and Greater Minnesota – all are welcome and invited.


We believe all of us do better when all of us do better, and that our programs are most effective when everyone is included. So our programs and services are available to all performing arts organizations, regardless of membership status. Some programs require fees which are waived or discounted for members. Members pay annual dues, graduated based on their operating budget, and that membership revenue makes it possible for us to continue building programs to serve Minnesota's theater community. Read more about membership.

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