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Emerging Performing Arts Leaders program

In follow-up to many exciting conversations at the Who’s in Charge conference, the Alliance has assembled a working group of emerging* performing arts leaders to network, learn from each other, and brainstorm ways that – through collaboration and Alliance support – they can take on greater roles of leadership and impact in our community. The group had two initial planning and discovery meetings in 2013. Now the group meets approximately monthly for a wide range of activities, including networking, meeting other arts leaders, seeing shows, and discussing issues of hte day.

Are you an emerging* performing arts leader? The group is not limited to directors and administrators. We are interested in performers, writers, designers, technicians, and anyone in the performing arts field that has interest in leadership and forging the future of what the field will look and act like as we go through the next decade of transition and growth.

Visit our upcoming events page to get information about our next EPAL meeting. If you are interested in being on the mailing list for future meetings, please contact Ashley Hanson or like our new EPAL Facebook page.

Read the notes from the first discovery meetings:

*What does “emerging” mean? For some folks, this is a euphemism for “young,” as in, under 30. For some, it's about length of time in someone's career. For others, it's about a certain level of fame (or lack thereof). But for us, at this stage of the discussion, we’re leaving it up to you. It’s not about age. And it’s not about your current job title. It’s somewhere between never even considering leadership and being the Executive Something of a large institution. If you think you’re an emerging leader, and want to explore how to emerge further, then we are talking to you.

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