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Arts Market

A community resource for sharing and reusing props, sets, costumes, and other performing arts materials between Minnesota theaters.

Coming soon: A searchable web-based Materials Exchange directory, August 26, 2014. Come to the launch party on August 25th and get a sneak preview!


The Guthrie has two large carpets, some chairs and 40’ of trussing we would like to get rid of. The striped carpet is about 15’ x 15’ and the green carpet is about the same size. The chairs are what you see below.

CONTACT: Craig Fernholz, Shopper/ Buyer, Guthrie Scene Shop, 612-225-6408

Park Square Theatre in St. Paul is in the process of getting rid of our onsite storage for Props. We are keeping what we can but there is a great deal of frequently useable items that we have no room to store. We have this week to give them a new home or tragically we’ll need to throw them away. If you have any time this week to pop down and take a look, I will let you have whatever you need. Set up a time with me to take a look!

Some items we have are:
Fake books
50’s Fridge
Vintage AV equipment
Cabinets Upper & Lower
Electric turn table motor


CONTACT: Megan West


COLLIDE Theatrical is in need of
* 2 School Lockers
* 2-3 School Desks
* Rolling Long White Table
* 80's prom dresses

We have Available:
* Rolling Bellman Cart
* Portable Bar
* Numerous 20's Costumes and Props

CONTACT: Email Regina or call 877-508-7890


The Guthrie Theater is seeking a traditional Chinese New Year’s Dragon for an upcoming production.

CONTACT: Craig Fernholz at 612-225-6408


The items in these pics are sitting outside on the loading dock at the Guthrie prop warehouse. All are free to a good home. 

855 East Hennepin Ave
MPLS MN 55414


Urban Samurai is looking for anyone who would loan or rent us kitchen set pieces - cupboards, counters, cabinets, stove and refrigerator. The show loads in August 11 - and out August 31, and we can arrange for transportation. 




We've got this rolling camera base over here at the Guthrie that we're looking to unload.



Poet Éireann Lorsung is putting together a reading event on August 1st at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis and looking for set pieces that feel like a forest or a wood or kind of overhanging greenery, a bower, kind of Midsummer-night's-dreamy. Any flats, scenery, faux foliage/trees, or props that could aid in making a room a little more magical. There is, unfortunately, no budget for this event, just immense gratitude. Needed from July 31st through August 2nd. 

CONTACT: Éireann Lorsung



As we prepare to manage nearly 20 productions on two stages and seek to use our budgeted resources most effectively, Park Square Theatre has decided to restructure its costume shop/storage. Our objective is to better use our increasingly expensive space for current production and daily staff needs and provide a much more professional environment and work space for our guest costume designers. In order to do this we must dispose of our entire costume stock. Some will be donated to area theatres that are better equipped to handle a rental stock, some will be given away, but most will be sold!


Where: Park Square Theatre Rehearsal Hall
408 Saint Peter Street, Suite 110, Saint Paul, MN 55102

When: Thursday July 24TH & Friday July 25TH from 10am to 4pm

If you are low on cash but rich with time we are looking for Volunteers to help get us organized. For just two or more hours of work, I’ll let you take away what you can carry for free!* Just email me for the hours available. Help as many days as you can in order to acquire more free costumes!

Please let me know what day(s) you can come in and for how many hours. I really need all the help I can get so pass it along!!!!!!


*within reason of course and only a set number of people are needed a day so get back to me fast!

CONTACT: Megan West, 651-767-8498


City skyline set piece.  Lightweight plywood and styrofoam. Has Christmas lights in each piece so it probably lights up. See photo below.



We have recently upgraded our sound board and system.  We are offering up our fully functional XPC SWE Mini PC Media Centre. See photo below.
Also included:
13’flat monitor
Keyboard and mouse
Loaded with (SFX5.6, Sound Forge 5.0, Audacity)
Needs a power plug
CONTACT: Kurt Kwan  612-787-3623


I am closing my dance school and have some set pieces and a large wagon that I would love to find homes for:

One 4’ x 8’ x 5” wagon/platform for sets
One 14’ x 24’ rock
Four Trees/bushes
Several Sigil Tapestries
Fireplace about 4’ x 4.5’

See photos below. The wagon is behind some sheet rock, so I haven’t been able to dig it out for a better picture yet, but I have to be out of my space by June 30th, so please get back to ASAP if you are interested.
I am not really looking for any money, I would just like these to go to someone that could use them! Everything was professionally made.

CONTACT: Laura McClanahan, 612-760-8006


Photo below: two sections of triangular aluminum truss. Approximately 10' long. Load limit unknown. The two wacky steel plates attached to one piece of truss are removable.

CONTACT: Email David Pisa

The Barn Theatre in Willmar is liquidating some props quickly! If you have use for any/all, and can pick them up, they’re yours; Must go by Wednesday, June 4, 2014!

CHICAGO gold letters/bandstand
Bars and counters from DON’T HUG ME
Sarcophegus (Styrofoam)
Creche (approx. 4’x6’)
“Brick” ½ walls
Bridal Sconces/candelabra
PVC gazebo” pillars/brackets
Suessical-fish, Whoville, tub, etc

CONTACT: Cheri Buzzeo 320-235-9500


Pillsbury House Theatre has 11 Fresnel instruments that are free to pick up.  They all need a little love and time but have been vetted by Mike Wangen as serviceable. 

CONTACT: Kurt Kwan at 612-787-3623


Walking Shadow has ten bookshelves to give away:
(6) 3'9" wide x 8' high
(2) slightly smaller
(2) 3'9" wide x 6' high
Take any or all. Available only during our strike of The Three Musketeers on Sunday, May 25. Must provide transportation and make advance arrangements.



Box Wine Theatre is looking for 8 wooden (no back) benches to use for an upcoming May show.  Approximately 4 feet wide and between 18'' and 20'' tall. Ideally we'd be able to paint them and then we could paint them back but if not, that's fine too.  Thanks!



North Hennepin Community College Theatre in Brooklyn Park is cleaning house, and has many hand props, glassware, bottles, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets, and other items useful for any theatre company looking for hard-to-find objects.  We have one week to get rid of all of our unwanted stuff, (April 28 – May 2) so if you are interested, please return e-mail me and we can set up a time for you to come over and check out our stock.
CONTACT: Mike Ricci, 763-493-0543


Vintage, portable phonograph player.  Doesn't need to actually play records, but does need a crank that can be used.  Something similar to this.

CONTACT: Joy Donley OR Jeremy Stanbary


Pillsbury House & Theatre just closed Gidion's Knot, and we have 6 school desks and chairs up for grabs if anyone needs them. They will be at Studio 150 in the Casket Arts Building.

CONTACT:  Kellie Larson  (865) 742-7408


I'm currently gathering pieces to be used in an upcoming Walking Shadow show. Here's what I'm looking for:
A six-foot wooden folding ladder, that can be painted gold preferably, but not necessarily
A sturdy table, durable enough to be tipped over repeatedly, no smaller than 2 x 3, as large as 4 x 6.
A small side table, also durable, sturdy enough to be sat and/or stood upon
one or two hard sided suitcases
A large scroll
A collapsible spyglass
A variety of old weapons that will be used strictly as set dressing

CONTACT: Jean Wolff or call or text me at 612-834-1979.

Looking for sections of chain-link fencing, 6 feet high, by 6 or 8 foot length sections that can be put together; to be used for an original dance piece by Borealis Dance of Minneapolis. 

CONTACT: Mike Ricci


Park Square Theater is in need of a Black Scrim we can cut the center out of. It would need to be at least 18’H x 30’W (wider or higher would be fine). We are willing to pay for this but please understand that we will be cutting the center out of it so returning it is not an option.

CONTACT: Rob Jensen, 651.767.8484


Joking Envelope has a variety of flats and set pieces available.

Flats: most have nice wood trim, it together to make full walls or can be dismantled for parts.
Bar: currently dismantled, 42"high, 60" wide, photo attached
Desk with built-in bookshelf, photo attached
White window blinds
Large Santa sack
Artificial Christmas tree
Black futon (metal frame)
Lots of books

Ideal pick up date is Saturday, Jan. 25. Email if an earlier date is better.



Loudmouth Collective has a few set pieces from Fuddy Meers that are up for grabs, if anyone can use them. We have an apartment sized fridge on wheels (no motor, due to wheels, so not functioning), a kitchen cabinet unit with 2 doors and 2 drawers and a white counter, and a steering wheel unit that can be mounted to a platform to perform "car." Our show closes on Sunday, January 19th around 10pm (8pm show), and will be discarded that night or the next day, if anyone wants anything?

CONTACT: Katie Willer


North Hennepin Community College Theatre has a large stock of items that it is getting rid of due to downsizing of its stock and space.  We have uncovered many Persian carpets, chairs, tables, pillows, soft goods, fog machines, hazers, speakers, lamps, lampshades, picture and painting frames, bottles, glasses, mugs, etc.  This could be a props persons dream. 

Also, if anyone out there is considering doing 'Batboy-the Musical', I have a very strong Batboy cage (which comes apart for shipping), two geese, the bloody cow's head, and the bloody rabbit with removable head.  Let me know if you are interested in any of these items as soon as possible.  Thanks. We are located at 7411 85th Ave. N. in Brooklyn Park, at the corner of West Broadway and 85th Ave.
CONTACT: Mike Ricci, Director, North Hennepin Community College Theatre, 763-688-3672


Six Elements Theatre is looking for a light colored cyc - at least 20' wide and 12' high, to be used for a January production in the Open Eye Figure Theater. Needed by January 5th. Also wanted: scrap metal.



We are getting rid of a crescent moon. It is 39” in diameter and 9” thick. It is wired for lights and has rigging cables attached.

CONTACT: Craig Fernholz, Guthrie Scene Shop: 612-225-6408.


Banner Creations is clearing out inventory this week and has amazing fabric at $.50/yard (some regularly $60/yard), plus items such as sewing machine, vertical knife, and banner holders. 

They will be calling AxMan at the end of the week to haul off whatever doesn't sell.

See address and directions at


Eden Prairie Players is looking to rent or borrow the following for their production of "Twelve Angry Jurors":

1) A conference table that can seat 12 ,and pass for circa mid 1950's.
2) 12 matching wood chairs (preferably with no arms)
3) A water cooler that can pass for from the 1950's.

Please contact director, Shelley Smith, and include photos, if possible, if you can potentially help. Thank you!


Sandbox Theatre will be closing This Is A World To Live In at the City Center in Minneapolis in mid-November.  We filled a 22,000 square foot space with construction, so there is a lot of material to get rid of. 

Available material includes (but is not limited to):

  • 15+ - 4x8 flats faced with masonite
  • 6 - 4x8 flats faced with lauan
  • 4 - 4x8 platforms w/ 3/4" plywood decking
  • Several hundred feet of 4 mil flame retardant plastic sheeting (approx. 8ft wide)
  • Unused paints in a variety of colors
  • Lumber (mainly 1x4 and 2x4 of varying lengths)
  • Blank 24"x30" canvases
  • (and much more)

We will be dismantling it all November 17-18, and everything needs to leave the space during those two days.  We will not be dropping things in a dumpster, we cannot leave things on a curb, and we won't be able to make deliveries, so it's important that you are able to pick up during those days.

If you would like to get a tour of the set and stake your claim to something, please contact us before then.

CONTACT: Derek Miller


Sandbox Theatre is looking for your used lumber, platforms, flats... basically anything you want to get rid of. We have a huge installation to build for This Is a World to Live In and we need all the supplies we can get our hands on.



Rummage Sale
Sunday, September 15
9 am - 1 pm
4301 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis
(Sale on 43rd Street)

It is time for fall housecleaning. We are also in the middle of rearranging our Minneapolis workshop with the help of Daniel Huset and two-dozen volunteers that he has organized. This make it a perfect time to . . . have a sale!

We have a bunch of great stuff that needs a new home. Will it be yours?


Digital Kawai piano for sale $500. Comes with storage box and wheels.



Applause Community theatre is looking to go lean and rid ourselves of 2 rental spaces. That part is easy. The hard part is finding homes for costumes, props, set pieces and an arkful of wood (platforms,chairs, etc.).

CONTACT: Gary Davis at

Our production of Shrek, the Musical closes this Saturday night in Maple Grove. We would like to find a buyer for an amazing dragon created by puppet master, Chris Lutter-Gardella. She cost us 9,000.00 to make and it shows. I estimate her at 30 feet long x 12 feet tall.  (Please see attached photos)

CONTACT: Todd Bruce, Production Director, Sabes JCC Theater, 952.381.3475,

Rehearsing Failure at Red Eye needs to borrow a hazer for production weekend of June 20-23.

CONTACT: Lisa Channer


Six Elements Theatre is (once again) looking for black or white curtains, in any condition, to cover walls.

CONTACT: George Miller.


Theatre Forever is in need of platforms and chairs for our upcoming
production of The Brutes. We are performing in a found space and will need to have some raised seating. We have a lead on chairs but could really use some risers for audience seating. The show opens Friday, June 7th so any leads/help is much

CONTACT: Email Lauren or call at 651.210.5989.


A Center for the Arts, in the historic Fergus Theatre in downtown Fergus Falls, MN is looking for a new home for at least 220 theater seats that are in good condition. The purple-colored seats are all 18 or 19 inches wide, with metal backs and detachable wooden arms, and fabric backs and seat cushions (see attached photos). We are in need of finding a new home for these seats as soon as possible.

CONTACT: 218-736-5453.


The Ordway has 26 CCT 10-degree lighting units. Arrange for shipping and they are yours. Need to leave St. Paul by May 10

CONTACT: Andrew G. Luft, Production Director/Construction Project Manager,, Direct: 651-282-3041, Mobile: 206-909-2104.


20% Theatre Company is seeking a front-seat of a car for their May show - preferably bench-seat style (not bucket seats) - preferably that would read as a pre-90s vehicle.



The Guthrie scene ship has 6 stair units that are 32” wide by 10’ long approximately up for grabs. Their rises and runs may differ from each other. (See photos below)

We also have two small bottles of Unique brand hazer fluid made by Look Solutions. Just to be clear, these are for the Unique Hazer. If you have a use for them, they are yours.

CONTACT: Craig Fernholz, Guthrie Scene Shop,, 612.225.6408 


(4) 4x8 sheets of standard brick facing. Used -- not in perfect
shape, but not bad. They've been painted white.



Nimbus needs some straw, or similar material. We need to build something like this.



Above is a picture of the Ford plant training center auditorium. The rows of seating on the right side of the picture and the tables in the middle are soon to be thrown away unless Ford can find someone that wants them. They’d like to see them reused.

Number of seats: There are 4 rows of seats that are separated into 2 mirror-image sections, left and right. The first row on each side has 15 seats, 2nd row has 16 seats, 3rd row has 17 seats and 4th row has 20 seats. The total is 136 seats. It looks like each seat can be removed from the base individually.

Tables in front of room: 3 rows of slightly curved tables. Row 1 is about 10 feet long on each side (again, mirror image right and left), rows 2 and 3 are about 25 feet long on each side. All the tables can be separated into 5 foot sections. Tables are bolted to the floor, but shouldn’t be too difficult to remove.

Timeline for removal: Training center should not be impacted by demolition until Fall 2013, but the sooner the seating and tables are removed, the better.

Terms for removal: Interested party will be responsible for removal and transport of the seating / tables.

CONTACT: Mike Hogan, Ford Site Manager, at 651-699-1321.


We've got six mini stools (about 2 ft high) available for freesies for anyone who can remove them from the People's Center Theatre THIS Sunday 2/24 between 10-1.


Sandbox Theatre has a ten-foot custom-made dance barre left over from Beatnik Giselle.  Welded steel frame with a varnished wood bar.  I can bring it to you, if you want it.



Rosetown playhouse has a coffin up for grabs. Used for a production of Oliver, measures approx 72 by 24 by 16. Also, a wooden bench and a semi functional coat rack. (See attached photos)  All free! Needs to go this week!

CONTACT: Tyler at 651-795-8239

Several river rocks, about basketball size, give or take.



Looking for a costume jacket and possibly hat for a late 18th century French soldier for Sandbox's upcoming Suitcase show.  Would need to use it for the month of February.

CONTACT: Derek Lee Miller


As we get ready to take out the McKnight Theatre here in lovely St. Paul, in order to make space for the new concert hall, we are looking for a good home for the theatre seats. They are made by Irwin and a very nice Cadet Blue upholstery. They are original to the Ordway and extremely well maintained.

There are three different widths. In the plan (see link to PDF below), “A” seats are 19” wide (38 available), “B” are 20” wide (126 available) and “C” are 21” wide (78 available).

The removable seating Rows A – C listed are made for a raked seating riser and mount flat to floor. All other seats types in the Balcony Rows AA – DD s are made for flat risers and mount on riser face (6” face).

Chairs shown in boxes and loge are loose seats and are not a part of this package.

The Ordway will retain a dozen of the “A” size seat pans and backs as the parts will work with our Music Theatre seats and we need parts. The frames will go. This count is not included in the available list above.

We are looking at $100 per seat. We will be removing them in early May and would like to load them directly onto the interested party’s truck.

If interested please contact me with the number of seats and the seat width (A, B, or C) - First come - First served.

CONTACT: Andy Luft, 651-282-3041.

Seating chart diagram (PDF)


I have a large collection of wooden fence posts being used for a set in St. Paul that I simply can't store when we're finished.  I put an ad on craigslist offering "free lumber" that proved to be very popular, so I thought maybe I should find a theater company who could use it first.  There's a total of 24 round posts (rough-hewn, in lengths of 8', 10', and 12') and 8 square posts (12' long).

They're available beginning Friday, February 22nd and are FREE to whomever can pick them up.  Note--it is a large load, so plan on multiple trips with a standard pickup truck. 

Please contact me for photographs and/or more specific dimensions. 

CONTACT: Zachary Humes

C-clamps for lighting instruments. If you've got old, extra, free clamps I'll put them to good use.

Red Eye's analog converter box (Dove system model # MTX-DE 48) recently died.  Wondering if anyone might have a box that is no longer being used to donate or sell at a decent price, before we bite the bullet to buy a new one?
CONTACT: Steve Busa, 612-870-7531.

I am currently costume designing an adaptation of Intermezzo by Jean Giraudoux for St Paul Conservatory. We are in need of a "dead body" to borrow. It doesn't have to be very realistic looking at all. Just something I can dress in a suit to match the one worn by the actor whose character is killed. It's not seen for very long, so really any body like thing would be awesome, or a bunch of foam I could use to temporarily stuff something.
CONTACT Teresa,, 612-242-6759

The Hutchinson Theatre Company has 28 umbrellas and 26 raincoats for sale that were only used for our summer musical last year “Singin’ in the Rain.”

CONTACT Betsy Price at

New Ulm Actors Community Theatre is looking for a four poster bed to be used in I Do, I Do in February. 
CONTACT Janet Holm
Bags of leaves. We want to fill the stage with clean, dry leaves. No lawn clippings or dog poop please.
CONTACT David at

Hi!  Wondering if anyone in TC area has a sewing machine powerful enough to handle the thickness of theater blacks with ease, who would be willing to lend to Red Eye for a couple days?  We're trying to hem some of our tattered stock and having problems with our older cheap-o sewing machine. Thanks for any leads!

We have a small performing arts theater in north central Minnesota and we recently acquired 1200 theater seats from the University of Wisconsin, Viterbo. Since we are only in need of about 100 seats, we are offering the remaining seats for sale at a greatly reduced rate. These seats are Stellar seats from the American Seating Company and have been well maintained. Photos on Facebook at

New, these seats would run around $200 each. We’re asking $35 a seat for them, which is a great deal for any of you that are looking to put in some quality seats. Removal and installation can be available, as well, for a small additional fee.

CONTACT: Doug, 218-820-8301 or

Youth Performance Company will be striking our set for Mean on Monday, October 15th (starting at 4pm). We no longer have storage space at the theater, so almost everything will wind up in a dumpster on Nicollet Avenue. (1900 Nicollet Ave to be exact). Please come and help yourselves. Mostly wood. (no platforms)


Sandbox Theatre will be striking Beatnik Giselle at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis on Sunday, October 21, starting at 5pm. 

We have a 7'x7' wooden platform (breaks down into 3 smaller sections), a 4' wide round table with a solid wood base, a metal twin bed frame, a twin mattress, a 38"x72" platform that fits in the bed frame and a custom-made metal-frame ballet barre that all need to go somewhere besides our storage.  There will also be a ton of white butcher paper and 4" strips of luan, if you can imagine yourself needing something like that.

CONTACT: Derek at if you definitely want one of the items above.  Otherwise, you can show up at strike and see what's left.


Sandbox is still looking for some wooden cafe chairs for Beatnik Giselle.


Hey! RawRedMeat productions needs a clawfoot tub for its show SENSELESS in the TC Horror Festival.  Would like to borrow ASAP until 11/5.

CONTACT: Tyler Olsen,


Six Elements Theatre is looking for furniture that can pass for early 18th century for our production of The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen.  We are looking for a medium-sized table, two stools, and a desk.  The desk needs to be sturdy, but the audience won't see the front of it.

CONTACT: Jenna Papke at


Area rugs of any size or big pieces of carpet needed.


Nimbus needs...
- a large functional late 70s - early 80s era console TV. Must work, preferably color, have coax or antenna out to connect video.
- shag carpet, to cover stage approx. 38x17

Sandbox Theatre is looking for some cafe tables and chairs for Beatnik Giselle.

Pillsbury House Theatre has a van that needs a new muffler, among many other things, that we're going to sell to a scrap yard for $200 unless someone wants to pay more for it.

CONTACT if you want to take a look at it.

Sandbox Theatre has several 4x8 flats we're looking to get rid of.  Two of them are steel framed and two are framed out of 2x2 lumber.  All are hard-covered with luan.

I have 6 commercially built stage risers, that could be used for audience risers or stage. I am willing to rent them. They are 3’x8’, 3 with 8” legs and 3 with 16” legs. The surfaces are paintable plywood but I would want to give permission to paint on a case-by-case basis.


We have something from our scenic department that we would like advertised on the Resource Sharing email. It is called StageStep Slip-No-Mor for performance floors. Specifically, this is the one for Wood.
We have about 5 kits here, or could cover about 2000 square feet. We will not be using it and we don’t want it to go to waste.  Please let everyone know. Thanks much.

In an effort to clean up and reorganize Mixed Blood’s space, and give back to our community, Mixed Blood is hosting an event: Mixed Blood’s Radical Rummage Event at the end of August. It’s a chance for Mixed Blood to share our gently used clothing and props with our community, so that we can clean our space and find good uses and good homes for our large collection of unused clothing and props. The event will be held August 28th, 29th, and 30th from 12pm to 5pm each day at Mixed Blood. It’s an awesome opportunity for participators to rummage through our collection of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. We also have furniture, household goods, and lots of funky items that could be used for art projects or home decorating. We are looking to contact organizations and parties who would be interested in coming out and participating in this event. If you yourself are interested or know other organizations and parties that would be interested in this opportunity please contact me at You can also get in touch with me with any questions, concerns, comments, or for more information.

I have a friend who's looking for a mannequin for about two weeks for an art installation.  The mannequin will not be altered or destroyed in any way.  If you have one, contact me, and I'll put him in touch with you.

Sandbox Theatre is getting geared up for our Fall show at the Southern.  There's going to be a lot of paper in it, and we're looking for recommendations on a proper flame retardant so that we don't accidentally burn the place to the ground.  We're especially interested in any green and/or nontoxic options.  Any suggestions?
Also, we're still looking for a set of moveable ballet barres for the show.
Contact Derek Miller at

There is a company that is looking for a throne for their fringe show.

CONTACT Damon Runnals,

Sandbox Theatre is looking for ballet barres for our October production of Beatnik Giselle. 
CONTACT Derek at
Savage Umbrella is seeking two robes for our upcoming production. Like a monk's robe (not a bathrobe), though they don't have to have hoods. We will use them gently - the production doesn't call for anything that would damage them.

CONTACT if you have something that fits to lend or rent to us!

Theatre Unbound is in need of some gym mats (like you would use for gymnastics or wrestling) for our fall rehearsals.  August 13 - September 28. 

CONTACT Stacey at

Walking Shadow has some lighting gear we're happy to share when we're between shows. Includes (8) Source 4 jrs, (8) 6" Fresnels, some PARs, dimmer packs, cable, and booms & bases. All Edison plugs. Small, case-by-case fee to cover lamp use.
CONTACT for full inventory. Thanks to MRAC and the people of Minnesota for funding gear the community can use!
I have 3 freestanding pillars/columns 13' high (made out of wood and cardboard tube) that we would love to get rid of (made for a show and never used.) I can give more details if you need them.

CONTACT Tory Stewart, Workhaus Collective,

Savage Umbrella has a ton of cinder blocks left over from our last show. I think we have, like 68, or some ridiculous amount like that.  We're happy to lend them out.

CONTACT, and we'll be in touch!

Live Action Set would like to borrow 6 uniform chairs for our next production, Basic North. Simple in design. Ideally, they are light weight (i.e. not metal) as they will be carried and dragged across the floor by the actors. The sooner we have them in our hands, the better, but a must is by June 25th.
Freshwater Theatre is looking for a small, easily storable bar for their upcoming Fringe show (a bar for booze, that is)
Six Elements Theatre is looking for curtains, in any condition, to cover walls. 
CONTACT Jenna Papke at
I need TWO WOODEN SAWHORSES for a performance this weekend in Swede Hollow Park for the premiere of Swede Hollow Opera, presented in conjunction with Art in the Hollow.

I can return them on Sunday June 3rd.

ITEM: I got overzealous in scavenging Interact's set at the Lab last weekend and now have several hundred board feet of 2x4s in my garage and no immediate project for them.  Let me know if you're looking
CONTACT: Derek Lee Miller, Sandbox Theatre,

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