This is an ongoing program, with no deadline for signup. Contact to sign up for the Liability Insurance.

The Theater Alliance Group insurance policy program for Minnesota performing arts organizations is available in partnership with Bremer Insurance. By covering many theaters under one policy, this program could mean cheaper premiums and greater coverage for many of you.

More about this program:

  • This is for public liability of a venue – the kind of insurance that covers you if someone in your audience falls down and sues you. There are other kinds of insurance you may need as well. See below for more information.
  • Only nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations are eligible, and we are unable to provide coverage through a fiscal agent at this time.
  • This coverage is good at any and all venues that you perform in MN, ND, SD, IA, and WI (whether you own, lease, or short-term rent it).
  • The total shared, group coverage is up to $1M per occurrence and $3M aggregate, plus $1M liquor liability.
  • The annual premium is approximately 40% less than a comparable individual policy would be, and it’s on a sliding scale based on attendance.
  • In addition to the premium below, the Alliance will charge an administrative fee of $25 to Alliance members and $50 for non-members. Your membership must remain active during the insurance term.

While this program offers enrollment at any point throughout the year, we are unable to pro-rate the annual fees. The annual term is April 1 – March 31.


Budget Tier Alliance Member
Theaters with under 5,000 admissions $400
Theaters with 5,000 to 10,000 annual admissions $600
Theaters with 10,000 to 15,000 annual admissions $750
Theaters with 15,000 to 25,000 annual admissions $900
For theaters with larger admissions:

you can apply for insurance directly with Bremer, and get preferred rates through your affiliation with the Alliance.

Preferred rate

The above policy only covers the general public attending your events. Contractors, employees, and volunteer actors are not covered. Contractors should provide their own coverage. You should be covering employees through Workers Compensation insurance. And volunteers should be covered under a separate Volunteer Liability Insurance policy.

Bremer Insurance has other kinds of policies, including Property Insurance (for damage or theft of property), Directors & Officers Insurance (for your board of directors and staff), and Workers Compensation Insurance (for injuries to your employees)