Hannah K. Holman
Program Manager

(651) 789-0787

Hannah K. Holman interdisciplinary maker, social practice artist, theater collaborator, and creative consultant working in rural, remote, urban, and suburban communities. She is deeply invested in arts-inspired conversation, community, and connection. Currently, Hannah is the Managing Director of Umbrella Collective (collaborating to create new work through a queer and feminist lens), the Program Manager for the Minnesota Theater Alliance (connecting and supporting all 450+ theaters in every region of the state), and a Board Member and collaborator with the Department of Public Transformation (highlighting, connecting, and supporting rural-based artists and arts organizations working at the intersection of creativity and community). Previously, Hannah was the Associate Managing Director for The Loft Literary Center. She holds a BA in theater and music from Concordia College—Moorhead, MN.

As an artist, Hannah creates physical playgrounds and poetic landscapes through group movement and text exploration to unearth who we are, how we are, and how we connect with each other. She has created a number of original performance projects in addition to her work performing, writing, directing for Umbrella Collective. Hannah has worked in a variety of capacities with many performing arts organizations including Cantus Vocal Ensemble, Park Square Theatre, The Fargo Moorhead Community Theater, Intermedia Arts, The Jungle Theater, Theater Latte Da, Patrick’s Cabaret, Pillsbury House Theater, Skewed Visions, The Southern Theater, and more.

Having called Minnesota home all her life, Hannah is excited to continue working to strengthen connections, resources, and opportunities for learning in this inspiring theater community.