We envision a vibrant and complex Minnesota performing arts ecosystem in which practitioners’ flourish in companies that are stable, accessible, safe, and healthy; achieving their missions through enthusiastic engagement with their communities and audiences.


The Minnesota Theater Alliance connects, supports, and advocates for the statewide performing arts community.

Who We Serve

We celebrate and support performing arts groups and individual practitioners across Minnesota. We serve performing arts organizations that vary by size, location, organizational life-cycle stage, and type. We also serve individual practitioners who are diverse in terms of age, culture, gender, work area, career stage, and employment status.

Our Values

We believe:

~ The performing arts are an essential public good

Performing Arts experiences can entertain and educate, challenge and change, connect and give voice.

~ Practitioners benefit from gathering together

Alliance activities bring practitioners together in ongoing, relevant and varied ways, both in-person and through digital channels.

~ All levels and types of performing arts, in all parts of the state, are relevant and valuable.

Our state is a large geographic area, abundant with tourism, academic institutions, urban and rural settings, and amidst all of that, performing arts. We value the experts in their fields, who elevate their artistic professions. We value the volunteer and the community participant whose involvement is driven by passion for the craft. We recognize there are models of organizations and vocations at every level in between. We recognize the importance of each vocation, at a variety of experience levels: performer, director, playwright, composer, administrator, technician, designer, manager, and more.

~ Equity is important, in all the ways theaters are working on it

We value organizations working to bring equity, diversity and inclusion to their programming, artistic involvement, and audiences. We value performing arts organizations being reflections of community voices, and cultural sanctuaries for those who feel isolated. The Minnesota Theater Alliance seeks to create programming that helps organizations achieve their goals of accessibility, share learning with each other, and create bridges of connection; working for purposes of common good and social responsibility.

~ Performing arts have great economic impact.

We therefore invest in programming that will help boost audiences, create organization stability, and keep the performing arts vibrant in their communities. We will seek opportunities to help organizations and practitioners with resource sharing and saving.

~ A culture of holistic safety and wellbeing is vital.

Practitioners have expectations of equity, access, security, safety, and opportunity, and should not fear repercussions for making these expectations known or working to improve them.