The Minnesota Theater Alliance no longer operates Arts Market. Instead, we encourage theaters to utilize Minnesota Technical Theater (On a Budget) Facebook group. Click here for the Facebook group.

The Minnesota Technical Theater group is a statewide resource intended to be a way for those who do technical theatre in Minnesota to talk to each other, ask for ideas, trade props etc. This group is for technical theatre posts only. (No audition notices, no fundraising, no show announcements.)

While sales (of tech theatre items, not personal items) are fine, for profit sales are not in the spirit of the group. Sales should be roughly at cost for items. Lending for free is encouraged, giving away items that would otherwise be thrown is encouraged. All posts are monitored to ensure they keep with the spirit of the group.

This group is a community-driven initiative. The Minnesota Theater Alliance is not responsible for any items sold, borrowed, rented, or given away through this resource-sharing program, or the actions of any group or individual that utilizes the group.