Regional Network Gatherings

Regional Network Meetings are open gatherings for theaters and theater artists, administrators, professionals, board members, and volunteers to get together to connect about what’s happening in the community, and learn about resources the Minnesota Theater Alliance provides to support our statewide theater community. It’s also a chance for us to listen to the needs and desires of the artists in the area. These events are free and open to all. The Theater Alliance strives to schedule gatherings throughout the state, in new locations, and throughout the year, so that we are present in many parts of the state on a regular basis.  Visit our upcoming events calendar to see the next meeting schedule for various regions.


Providing professional development for performing arts practitioners is an important goal of the Theater Alliance. We serve performing arts organizations that vary by size, location, organizational life-cycle stage, and type. We also serve individual practitioners who are diverse in terms of age, culture, gender, work area, career stage, and employment status. Because of the wide range of possibilities for professional development, our training varies on a regular basis. It is also driven by community feedback, and in partnership with kindred organizations. If you have ideas for new trainings, we would love to hear them! If your community has a specific need, please let us know. Visit our upcoming events calendar to see what is coming up. Workshops and panel discussions take place in person at locations around the state, and via web conferencing.


In an exciting combination of connecting Minnesota’s performing arts practitioners, providing high-quality professional development, and bringing inspiration and rejuvenation for an amazing community who works hard with limited resources, we hold the MTA Statewide Theater Conference annually. (MTASTC, rhymes with fantastic!) Visit the MTASTC site for this year’s details and registration!